New at TSC: Pür x Trolls Makeup Collection

The new Trolls movie will be release on April 6 to home entertainment services worldwide, so now’s a great time to add a fun pop of colour to your beauty wardrobe with the vibrant Pür x Trolls collection.


Get into your own Trollzart groove and waltz your way towards any look with style and grace.

Country Western

Get into your own sassy Delta Dawn groove and two-step your way to radiance with looks that work with everything from rodeo sunsets to big stage lights.


Get into your own Prince D groove and move your way into any look imaginable with soulful shimmer that charms the crowd. These purples reign!


Get into your own King Trollex groove and dance your way to any look imaginable with heart-pumping vibrancy that never fades from the spotlight.


Get into your own Queen Poppy groove and transform your style with wake-me-up looks that are perfectly poised and pretty.


Get into your own Queen Barb groove and pave your way towards any look imaginable with compelling colours that forever rock on.

Push your vocal cords to the limit with this face trio and lip gloss kit that’ll make you want to sing. The Top of the Charts kit is loaded with an ultra-creamy bronzer, an illuminating highlighter, a peachy pink blush and a pout-perfecting lip gloss. These products work perfectly together to help you pull off A-lister looks that wow the crowd. You’ll be noticed from the front row to the back row. Get ready to give it all you’ve got!

Shop the Pür x Trolls collection today!

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