New at TSC: Turn Over a New Leaf with Philosophy’s Nature in a Jar

The beauty industry is undergoing a metamorphosis. We want results from our beauty products, but we also value an ethical approach to the ingredients, manufacturing and packaging of those products. While shopping in the 1990s, we looked for three-or-so phrases on packaging: sensitive, mild and all-natural. In the 2000s, we added organic and cruelty-free to our beauty verbiage. But we also discovered that those words mean different things to certain brands, based on where and how they source their ingredients. Today, we want to know precisely what those phrases mean, and we want to be able to trace back to the farmers and harvesters who have a hand in the production process.

Perusing ingredients is now a given. We, the beauty community, asked for naturally derived ingredients, vegan, cruelty/gluten-free products without parabens, phthalates, sulfates and other “icky” ingredients that studies have shown to be harmful to humans.

Was that too much to ask for? Philosophy didn’t think so, and they’ve answered the call. The brand is helping pave the way for transparency in the industry. At a glance, you can establish what’s in (and what’s not in) some of our favourite beauty products; look out for symbols and ingredients that tell you the story behind the product.

Nurture Yourself with Nature

The brand’s new Nature in a Jar line lets you nurture your skin with some of the best hydrating ingredients nature has to offer. Desert-dwellers such as agave, cactus and prickly pear are the heroes that help address dryness and fatigue. These products were also made with your ecological footprint in mind, thanks to packaging made from recycled materials.

From Skincare to Skipcare

This new skincare line also embraces a new trend. This year, it’s all about “skipcare”—a beauty concept birthed in Korea late last year. Skipcare is all about simplifying our skincare routines and de-cluttering our bathroom counters to embrace product minimalism. Multi-tasking and all-in-one products is what this trend is all about.

The 5 Must-Try Products:

1. Nourishing In-Shower Oil with Hemp-Derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

Skipcare power: apply the product after a shower, pat dry, get dressed and go! Or fill the tub and skip the bubbles, as you can use this product as a relaxing bath treatment as well.

2. Cream- to-Water Body Lotion

Skipcare power: you can experience hydration elation with the added benefit of antioxidant protection thanks to cactus water from the prickly pear.

3. Gentle Detoxifying Cleanser with Agave

Skipcare power: no time for a mask? Cleanse and detoxify in one simple step.

4. Gentle Warming Exfoliator with Jojoba

Skipcare power: the warming power of this exfoliator feels like a spa-cation, while the gentle jojoba beads and fine desert sand gets rid of dulling skin cells and impurities.

5. Cica Complex Recovery Moisturizer

Skipcare power: this product helps deliver instant moisture while also acting as a treatment to help reinforce the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Shop the full Nature in a Jar collection and restore, rebalance and recover from all the happenings over the holidays!

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