New at TSC: Waksē Hard Bean Face and Body Wax

There are reasons why many of us buy scented dish soap or cute workout gear. Things that smell or look good make mundane tasks so much more pleasant. Well, give an aromatic five-minute-microwave-warmedwelcome to Waksē and its decadent no-strips approach to body hair removal! Their hard wax beans stick to hair, not skin, so cloth strips aren’t needed—yay for less waste and clean-up! Who knew waxing at home could be aesthetically pleasing, therapeutic and dare we say the f-word… fun!

When this product landed on beauty buyer Jacquelyn Fenty’s desk, she immediately wanted to try it. She chose the Waksē Gold Pineapple Wax and described it as quite the sensory experience. She has sensitive skin prone to ingrown hairs, so she typically doesn’t wax at home. The most surprising things for her were that the hard-bean-waxing learning curve wasn’t steep and she didn’t get a lot of irritation.

These care-free, hair-free products inspired by the sweeter things in life have been brought to you by “two hairy guys” (hey, they said it themselves and trademarked it). Andrew Glass, the mastermind behind the skin-care brand Non Gender Specific collaborated with his Joos Cosmetics co-founder Shayan Sadrolashrafi to launch Waksē. There were 8,000 pre-orders before the brand’s products were stocked on shelves in 2018. Now we at TSC have curated the popular hard-bean-wax classics and all the partner products you’ll need.

Here’s how to treat yourself to a Waksē experience:


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Prep your skin with the Waksē Maracujá Orange Clarifying Pre-Wax Spray. Rosemary, cucumber extract, witch hazel, orange and pine bark help lift hair follicles, open pores and gently cleanse.


The Waksē starter kit gives you the best value for your dollar. It includes 35 small and 35 large applicator sticks, your hard-wax beans of choice and a wax melting pot. The pot was designed with a thicker bottom to help prevent heat buildup and the angled top makes it much easier to get the perfect amount of wax.

TSC’s Waksē Hard Wax Scents:

  • Gold: pineapple-scented essential oil
  • Rose Gold: chocolate-scented essential oil
  • Liquid Mercury: lavender-scented essential oil


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Pamper your skin with the Waksē Cactus H2O Soothing Post-Wax/Shave Serum. Cactus flower extract, jojoba seed oil and grapeseed oil help soothe the skin, calm inflammation and prevent ingrown hairs from forming.

Pro tips on waxing:

  • For fantastic results, a half-inch of hair growth is best (about the length of a grain of rice)
  • A honey-like consistency means it’s ready!
  • Apply wax in the same direction of the hair growth; if a few stubborn or coarse hairs are left behind, apply the wax in the opposite direction

We celebrate all of our TSC DIYAA (do-it-yourself-again-and-again) friends who aren’t afraid to discover new self-care methods that work. Shop the full Waksē collection and let’s give summer 2020 an opportunity to at least show off some legs!

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