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NEW! Keto Zone Diet by Dr Don Colbert

Dr. Don Colbert has been a practicing anti-aging medical doctor, speaker and author for the past 30 years. As a graduate from Oral Roberts University Medical School, Dr. Colbert completed his internship and residency at Florida Hospital. Having written over forty books including 20 national best sellers, he’s also a two-time New York Times Best Selling author. He is currently the Medical Director of two practices  ̶ Colbert Institute for Anti-Aging in Orlando, Florida and Dallas, Texas.

His passion for a beneficial lifestyle stemmed from his owner personal battle with a severe and chronic skin condition. With the right food choices, he was able to overcome his skin condition and he discovered that there were certain ingredients that allowed the body to react in a positive way.

After testing thousands of food and ingredient, he developed the Keto Zone Diet along with the Keto Zone Nutritional System. In Dr. Colbert’s opinion, the Keto Zone is the most complete and effective wellness program.

“Let food be your medicine!” ~ Dr. Colbert

What is the Keto Zone?

Our ancestors naturally followed a diet similar to the Keto Zone because of their lifestyle and necessity to hunt and gather their food. When we limit our carbohydrates, we can reactivate a biological ability to burn off body fat for fuel like our ancestor did.

The cells in your body switch from using glucose (sugar) as their primary fuel source to using ketones (fat). This is called the Keto Zone. Your body’s cravings are diminished, hunger supressed, energy is increased, mental clarity is present and sleep is deep and restful. To learn more about how to get into the Keto Zone, watch the video!

The Keto Zone Nutritional line is designed to aid someone who wants to increase energy and experience an overall better quality of life. To learn more about Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone products, watch the video!

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