National Lipstick Day
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Four Gorgeous Lip Looks to Try on National Lipstick Day

Did you know? Winston Churchill limited the production of all beauty except lipstick during World War II. He believed lipstick had the ability to lift a woman’s spirit and improve morale. It’s no surprise that this invigorating product has been hailed as the ultimate beauty essential and now has its own day of celebration. July …

Connect Your Home With Amazon's Alexa

4 Ways to Connect Your Home With Amazon Alexa

When it comes to making your life easier, there’s A LOT of things Alexa from Amazon can do. From looking up recipes, providing step-by-step instructions and adding items to your shopping list to listening to music, making phone calls and even keeping track of whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher, there’s a lot …

Living Proof Products
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New at TSC: Living Proof Hair Care

At TSC – Today’s Shopping Choice, we love helping you discover new, innovative products. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to announce our upcoming launch of Living Proof! Given their game-changing track record in the beauty industry, it’s clear why Living Proof is a match made in heaven for TSC. Living Proof is not …

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Get Your Skin Summer-Ready with These Skin Care Tips!

Summer—the season for sunglasses, sundresses and sensational shoes, and the time of year when skin is bombarded by multiple stressors. Throughout the weekdays we’re constantly running in and out of air-conditioned environments which cause skin to lose hydration, and on the weekends we make the most of the sunshine by attending backyard barbecues and cultural …