Utilitarian Spring Fashion Trend
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Runway to Your Everyday: Utilitarian

What is the Utilitarian trend? In this busy day and age of multi-tasking, our desire to get the job done efficiently and comfortably usually ranks pretty high on everyone’s “to do” list.  This spring’s militaristic and safari-inspired looks will ensure you’re style ready for both brave combat and bold adventure.   Neutral and earthy colours Times are …

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3 Tips for Chronic Pain Management

Pain can drastically affect quality of life. Mobility, stamina and appetite can all be affected. This can impact the ability to do the things we love—or worse, the daily things we need to do such as walking, preparing meals and performing household chores. Sometimes pain is caused by an injury, but in many cases aches …

in conversation with Stefano Virginio

In Conversation: Stefano Virginio

Italian-based jewellery designer Stefano Virginio has been making jewellery for over three decades, creating some of the finest classically-styled gold jewellery in the industry. TSC was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with him on how he began his adventure in jewellery design, what inspires him and how the industry has evolved. When did …

Fruits and Veggies to eat during the winter
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4 Winter Veggies and Fruits for Better Health

We’re halfway through winter! Perhaps you’re already dreaming about summer salads and backyard barbecues. But, before we get carried away on sizzling hot mental vacays, we need talk about how winter does a number on our bodies. Our immune systems need to be in tip-top shape to help us navigate the chilly outdoors and our …

Birthstone of the Month - February - Amythest Stone

Birthstone of the Month: February Amethyst

This quartz stone is a soothing purple, emanating both warmth and stability. This is helpful during the sometimes-trying winter month of February when a bit of colour is needed to break through the winter grey. The stone is often also associated with courage and peace. History of Amethyst The early beliefs about the amethyst is …

FOREO LED Smart Mask

Beauty Sighting: Unmasking FOREO’s UFO LED Smart Mask

If you venture out in icy winter weather, or you travel often in chilly airplane cabins, you know cold environments can be taxing on your skin. The face is always exposed and can be left feeling taut, dry and irritated, thanks to low humidity. The FOREO UFO may be just what you need to get …

Andrew Stone visiting the Bassano del Grappa factory in Italy.

A Quest for the World’s Best

With a mission to bring you the finest sterling silver in the world, Silver Gallery travels the globe to unearth the very best nature has to offer. Among the travellers is jewellery aficionado and trained art historian, Andrew Stone. Andrew has roamed for over four decades seeking out ancient cultures and the most renowned silversmiths …


Roll Call: Rose Quartz Rollers are a Must-Have Beauty Tool

TSC fashionistas sure know a thing or two about the allure of high-quality gemstones. So when we heard crystals were making a comeback as must-have wellness devices, we were all for it! Rose quartz rollers are revered for instant results thanks to manual skin stimulation, and they are highly recommended for their energetic benefits as …