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Prioritizing YOU

Though the world is finally navigating it’s way out of isolation (thank goodness), it can be difficult to find balance. Now, more than ever, we must not forget to prioritize our own health (mentally and physically) and TIME. 

Here are a few suggestions: 

Get a Personal Assistant:

No, I don’t mean adding an employee to your payroll, but “Alexa” can help ease some of your load. Keeping a running grocery list (no pen and paper required), starting your day with a news and weather report and reminding you of your “tasks for the day” are just a few ways you can free up your time and mind. Your Amazon Echo can even get your coffee brewed so it’s ready for you when you wake up!

Energize yourself!

I think we can all agree that the last year has really made us all more TIRED. From parents who have all had to add “teacher” to they resume to our Frontline workers who keep our world safe and functioning, so much of our energy is dedicated to supporting others. What is left for YOU?

While we may not be able to change our daily circumstance and our schedules may not ease for some time yet, replenishing our energy only has to take a few seconds. It can be as easy as adding Beet Root into your recipes (not only will you get flavour, nutrition and colour) and Maca Powder into water. Our Bare Organics Superfoods Energy bundle is a simple, natural, and tasty way to give yourself (and your day!) a boost. 

No pressure…but you also need to RELAX.

I know it’s one more thing to add to your “to do” list, but relaxing is how we ease our mind of the tensions that can affect how we treat each other and can even manifest into physical problems. 

Recommended by Chiropractors and Registered Massage Therapists, The Beam is long rectangular yoga style tool that you place along your spine to release back neck and shoulder tension while you do stretching and breathing techniques. In addition to calming your mind and body, you may also find you sleep better and even stand up straighter!  

Remember, you can best be there for those you love, when you take care of yourself.

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