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Runway to Your Everyday: Craft Fair

What is the Craft Fair trend?

Call it a return to innocence or merely a craving for old-fashioned craftsmanship, but we’re all going to be romancing garments and accessories with an artisanal feel for spring. 

So what’s cropping up everywhere? There certainly is a welcome relief from so much of the high tech modernity we’re often immersed in.  

  • Crocheted pieces that harken back to the ‘70s
  • Beaded embellishments including wooden beads
  • Appliques
  • Luxurious fringes
  • Folkloric trim

Anything hand-made is set to be embraced this spring 

It’s a celebration of all that’s creative and unique, and it makes for great fun in the accessories department as well. We’re even seeing a return to macramé, and of course tie-dyes. It all makes for a delightful ode to hippie chic.  Just about anything hand-made is set to be embraced this spring. 

  • Embroidered or appliqued boots
  • Hand woven and rope sandals
  • Fringed and crocheted bags
  • Handcrafted shawls
  • Colourful tie-dye prints
  • Hand-painted designs

Denim is always trendy 

Denim boots and bags are making news as well. Unusual or irreverent treatment of denim will add just the right amount of playful irreverence to even the most serious outfit. Think frayed jeans, jackets and skirts.

How to wear the Craft Fair look

It might not be advisable to dress head to toe in this particular look, as you could look like a refugee from Woodstock! But just the right garment or accessory that gives a nod to this trend is sure to awaken your inner flower child, and bring a smile to all those who feast their eyes on beautiful you.  

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