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Runway to Your Everyday: Folk Dressing

The approach of the fall season inevitably provokes a yearning for autumnal hues and sumptuous textures. Throw in a vintage-inspired statement piece and voilà; you’re well on your way towards one of this season’s top trends: folk, an idyllic style with an effortless allure. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and help you harness that folkloric flair.

Colour me wild

Indulging in fall’s rustic palette has never been more exciting! Accent neutral tones with pops of rich, warm colours and up the ante by integrating florals, geometric prints and plaids. For your next pumpkin patch escapade, stash your essentials in Pendleton’s wallet on a strap, which offers a bold Aztec pattern in the perfect fall hues. Brian Bailey’s smocked off the shoulder dress is the perfect piece to help you tap into your inner flower child.

Down to the details

When it comes to folk dressing, it’s all about the details. From embroidery to fringes and beading, garment hardware and accessories can easily elevate any ensemble. The delicate floral embroidery of Ron White’s Halsey boot will infuse your look with a touch of prairie-inspired panache.

Nature’s best

The folk trend puts an emphasis on natural and nature-inspired materials. Create sumptuous visual appeal by incorporating several textures in one look: supple leather, velvety suede and durable wool work together to create a visually appealing textural play. Pendleton’s 100% wool shawl works wonders when paired with a legging! Cinch the shawl with a leather belt to define your silhouette and add yet another material to your repertoire!

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