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Runway to Your Everyday: Fruit Infusion

What is the Fruit Infusion trend?

I know—we all love black, but this new season deserves a special salute, don’t you think? For those with an appetite for colour, Spring 2019 offers a virtual fruit salad of yummy shades.

Oh the colours

The sunny, citrus hues, shades of melon, and hits of avocado and lime green compliment royal blues, lilacs, deep reds and pinks. 

And whoever thought that orange would become such a classic? From kumquats to clementines, orange remains a hot favourite. 

Now just close your eyes and think cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew!  Indulge in mango and papaya! And if it’s lemons or bananas you love, you’re really in luck. Optimistic yellow will be everywhere, lifting spirits and jiving with absolutely every colour imaginable.  

But if you’re a pushover for black, you’ve got it made, because black is complimented beautifully by any of these vibrant new shades.  

How to wear Fruit Infusion 

These sensational, lively tones translate wonderfully into day or nighttime dressing.  Even conservatively tailored suits and jackets will take on exciting new dimensions in some of these brilliant, unexpected colours. 

Be a human rainbow this spring and colour your world with hues that will help spread happiness.  There’s nothing like a juicy hit of brilliant, unabashed colour to work as a mood elevator. And this trend isn’t just female friendly. We saw countless pops of vibrant colour on the menswear runways as well. Entice your man to be a little wilder and even more wonderful this spring by bravely injecting his wardrobe with bright, bold colour too!

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