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Runway to Your Everyday: Print Party

What is the Print Party trend?

Like proud butterflies emerging from our winter cocoons, spring inspires us all to spread our fashionable wings and take flight. ‘Tis the season to be colourful, expressive, and ultimately artful.  

While a plethora of floral prints will be carrying over from the winter months, animal prints promise to be hotter than ever, with our beloved leopard leading the charge.  But there’ll be healthy doses of zebra and reptile motifs as well.  Patchwork prints are making comeback, and adding playfulness to the season’s folksy feel. Nostalgic polka dots will be pulling on our heartstrings, while bold graphics will be surfacing everywhere, from abstract designs to socio-political messaging.  

Trendy Print Party prints:

  • Animal prints including leopard, zebra and reptile motifs
  • Patchwork prints
  • Polka dot prints

How to wear Print Party

It’s all spelling out a zest for creative expression, which could drive your spring wardrobe into some very artistic directions.  Actually, lovers of contemporary art will be happy to know that it’s going way beyond your walls this season, and onto a wide variety of garments.  From long, flouncy skirts to smart little jumpsuits, to romantic blouses, fab jackets and all kinds of dresses, eye-popping, colourful prints and patterns, many with a hand-painted feel, are really going to make their presence felt.  Let your fantasies run wild, and don’t be afraid to unapologetically mix these prints as an ultimate salute to the season.  

Print Party accessories

Spring is about escapism, and nothing’s more liberating, fresh or fun than wild abandon in the print department.  These myriad, often colourful graphic prints will also be making it onto shoes and bags, so if you’re a little shy to strut some of this playful imagery in a big way, experiment with a hit of lively print on your accessories.  

If you’re looking for some real inspiration to help you glide into this fabulous new season, TSC’s four spring fashion trends—Utilitarian, Craft Fair, Print Party, Fruit Infusion— are bound to deliver.  To shop new fashion arrivals at 

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