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Start The New Year Feeling Healthier With Supplements

A new year – a new, healthier you? While you should always eat a balanced diet to stay resilient and strong, vitamins and other supplements can give you that extra step you need to excel in 2022.

From calcium gummies to probiotics, you’ll find a wide range of nutrition supplements that will aid in your digestion and give you the energy boost you’re looking for. Here are some ideas to fill holiday stockings or start off the year on the right foot…

Essential Elements

When it comes to maintaining health, you need a daily supply of trace elements that are important for a range of functions. Take for example the VitaTree Plus Magnesium 60-Day, which is easily absorbable and easy on your digestive system. It also helps to maintain bones and teeth, while allowing for proper muscle function by helping metabolize fats and proteins.

Don’t overlook the importance of calcium, another vital element for bone health. VitaTree Plus Calcium Gummies 30-Day provides a tasty and easy way for kids (over 4) and adults to meet their daily requirement, and are sugar-free.

Zinc is another element that is often overlooked, but is absolutely essential to proper functioning. More specifically, zinc supplements help maintain a strong immune system and also helps in connective tissue formation. VitaTree Forte Zinc Plus Quercetin 60-Day also contains copper to offset levels that can be depleted by zinc supplements.

Relief Is On Its Way

When taken on a regular basis, some nutrition supplements can help you avoid common health issues. For example, the GNC Scientific Nutrition Coenzyme Q10 100mg Twin Pack supports cardiovascular health. But what’s more is that it can help reduce the frequency of migraines, along with the nausea that comes with them!

Speaking of relief, the VitaTree Relief Immune Support 90-Days can help ease symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections as well as sore throats thanks to its Echinacea content. Meanwhile, the Astralagus and American ginseng can help you maintain a robust immune system.

A Healthy Boost

We could all use a little help to stay energized through our busy schedules of work and play. That’s why you’ll want to consider the VitaTree Plus Vitamin B12 60-Day, which is important for energy production in cells and to metabolize carbs and proteins. This supplement is especially important for those on plant-based diets or with gluten sensitivity, easily taken as a vegetarian capsule or mixed into a healthy smoothie.

If you’re looking to add some more strength in the new year, then VitaTree Pro Whey Protein Powder can help you on your way. It helps to repair body tissues, while also helping to build muscle without fillers or sugars while delivering essential amino acids.

Ensure the proper absorption of all supplements with Vitatree Plus Probiotics 60 Day, which replenishes healthy bacteria in the gut that aids in proper digestion.

Be sure to check out all the nutritional supplements available from TSC – some of them even designed for the optimal health of your furry friends!

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