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Supplement Fact or Myth with Dr. Janine Bowring, ND

Fact or myth?

If you’re taking supplements, you need to be mindful when also taking certain medications.

Fact – Always check vitamin bottles, but as a rule of thumb here at Vitatree, we recommend taking supplements 1 hour away from (before or after) any medications.

Pets don’t need supplements because their food gives them everything they need.

Myth – Just like humans our pets can develop deficiencies depending on their environment, medications, or food.

You only need to detox once a year.

Myth – At Vitatree we suggest you detox with every change of the season to stay a step ahead of any toxins that may build up in the body.

Drinking water is more important than getting rest.

Myth – They are equally important to the maintenance of a healthy immune system, and overall healthier body and mind.

Digestive issues can cause weight gain.

Fact – When your digestive system is compromised this can lead to a backlog of undigested food that can cause inflammation and/or Leaky Gut. Both can lead to weight gain.

You should restrict dairy products when battling a cold or the flu.

Fact – Dairy products can be very mucous forming.  It is good to alter your diet or use non-dairy alternatives when fighting a cold or flu.

Meditation can help to manage anxiety and depression.

Fact – Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and allow the brain to slow down and “take a breath”, helping one gain peace and perspective.

If you’re peeling and discarding the skin of fruits and vegetables, no need to wash them first.

Myth – Harmful chemicals and parasites live on the raw fruits and vegetables we bring home.  When peeling these items we are touching both the skins and fleshy parts of the fruits and vegetables.  This touching, by either our hands or a knife, will transfer these harmful chemicals and parasites to the insides so it is imperative to wash all fruits and vegetables even if you plan to peel them.

It’s best to take calcium supplements at night.

Fact – Calcium can help with the production of tryptophan which helps with the production of melatonin.  Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal glandthat helps your body know when it’s time to sleep and wake up. Even when we are home and not doing much it is important to maintain healthy sleep patterns to keep our immune system strong.

If I’m home and not doing much I don’t need to drink as much water as when I work out and I’m out and about.

Myth – The body needs a constant supply of fluids no matter if we are active or not.  A great way to keep the body hydrated is with herbal teas.  Maintaining our hydration keeps our immune systems strong and helps flush toxins.  It also helps the body feel full and satiated.

Loading up on vitamin C can help to ward off illness.

Fact – The caveat to this is taking too much of the wrong Vitamin C can be harmful.  Taking too much of the synthetic forms of Vitamin C such as ascorbic acid found in most Vitamins C can potentially become a pro-oxidant (or free radical) in the body, and especially if you take too much. Vitamin C should always be taken in a whole food form.

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