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Susan Yull Celebrates 25 Years as a TSC Host

One morning back in 1989, Susan Yull arrived for her job interview at the Canadian Home Shopping Club (CHSC). After the typical job interview banter, Susan was spontaneously put to the test. She was given a piece of string and a pencil.

“Sell me this string and this pencil. You have 5 minutes for each. Go!”

Safe to say that the interviewer back then saw what we know now, Susan Yull was built for this business. This month Susan celebrates her 25th Anniversary as a TSC host, making her one of the longest tenured home shopping hosts in the world!

Here are Susan’s Top 10 memories over the past 25 years:

1. Walking into the building on my first day

In those days, the Canadian Home Shopping Club ran 24 hours. The place had a tiny group of offices around the perimeter with about 30 people taking orders on phones – and they were in the middle of the floor.  About 30 feet away from them was the studio. It was the size of a postage stamp. The “studio” was no bigger than a desk and lit to photograph products.

2. Going full motion in 1995

I left CHSN briefly between 1992-1995. The building was very much the same when I returned, but the studio had been transformed. It was larger and now had proper TV cameras and studio lighting. The desk, fondly called the “turret” was gone. We were now an actual television station!

Fall 2000. Our sets sure have changed but the fun of sharing jewellery is still the same. 

3. Dancing with Ted Rogers

CHSN was Ted’s baby. He loved the newness of the concept and being the first in Canada to have it. He would occasionally break from his busy schedule and drop by. He always found time to come to studio and talk with everyone. This one occasion we were celebrating (can’t remember what) and music started playing. He took my hand and we danced. Such fun!

4. Moving to Ambassador

Rogers owned the building at Ambassador and our lease was up at our old location. We took over Ambassador and turned it into what you see today. It was so much bigger, cleaner and more professional than where we came from.  It was truly exciting and a fresh start. We all felt like true broadcasting professionals.

Hanging out with the beautiful Carol back in 2004 in The Shopping Channel studio.

5. TSC outlet store on Orfus Road

We used to have a retail store on Orfus Road. Many times we would broadcast from the store on special occasions. This was the perfect way to connect directly with the viewers. I would hang around after my shows and chat with them about their CHSN/TSC experience.

6. The Guests

Laughing with Joan Rivers, interviewing Isaac Mizrahi, searching for Phyllis Diller before a show (only to find her asleep on the corporate boardroom table),  singing on air with Broadway star Polly Bergen and Frankie Avalon (not at the same time), joking with Suzanne Sommers and having a private concert with classical guitar player Liona Boyd or comforting Ivana Trump after the death of her friend, Dodi Fayed. The guests are the best!

7. Travelling to Montreal in Search of New Vendors

In 1998, TSC did a cross country vendor search by travelling to major cities looking for local vendors with unique products. The experience was fun. We actually did a broadcasting from a rooftop in old Montreal—what an incredible view.

8. Filming TV Commercials

In 2000, along with Carol and Greta we spent the day at Graydon Hall, filming four TV commercials in one day. They ran on all Rogers stations across Canada. It’s was fun to show Canada what TSC could deliver.

9. Broadcasting from New York

In 2013, we flew to New York to broadcast from Brooklyn with the NYC skyline in the background. We joined a crew from QVC/ HSN and the guests were Joan Rivers, Isaac Mizrahi and Carol Brody. Richard Nester, Rachel Huber and I were selected to host. It was a truly exciting!

10. My Top memory,? Working with great people

Our host team and crew are truly family and have saved my bacon countless times on air. When I’ve gone through tough times in my life, I could always count on my TSC family to lift me up, keep me laughing and make me look good. Once I was stabbed with a kitchen knife in my foot and one of the crew crawled behind the counter and wrapped it up. When I had an ulcer attack on air, one of my fellow hosts ran out and took over for me (even when it meant she had to do 5 hours in a row). I’ve enjoyed so many great moments and can’t wait for more!


  1. I guess Susan has retired. No mention of it though. So many great hosts like her have left. I wish her all the best.

  2. Anne mckee says:

    So many of my friends and I really miss Susan She will always be one of the most loved and natural hosts at TSC

  3. I just LOVE Susan. Have not seen her for awhile. Is she returning to TSC? I hope so. There are a few hostesses I wouldn’t mind having leave the show, BUT NOT SUSAN! Thx

  4. Sherry Smith says:

    DId Carol retire? I miss her and noticed she has not been on TV.

    1. Carol says:

      Hi Sherry; I did retire November 6, 2020! I am loving life as I hope you are!

      I had a fabulous career with Rogers and Tsc. Thanks for asking! Stay safe and healthy! Xo

  5. Loretta loyer says:

    I haven’t seen Susan at all this year .
    If she has retired , I wish her all the
    best , health , happiness and love.
    She was a great host ! I enjoyed
    watching her for 25 yrs .

  6. Anjanette MacArthur says:

    Have not seen my favorite host Susan Yull for a long time. Sincerely hope she has not retired, or worse yet, come down with the virus. Susan was so polished yet so natural. I often watched her shoes even when I was not interested in the product.

    So many of the new hosts come across as fake and stilted. Still order online, but do not watch the shows much anymore.

  7. Bonnie Dew says:

    I also miss Susan so much. Once Greta leaves I know I’ll not be tuning in again. The newer hosts have nothing compared to Susan, Greta, Richard, Norm and Betty-Ann.

    1. Norman Murray says:

      Hello Bonnie,
      I saw that you mentioned my name and I wanted to jump in and thank you, very much! I am an On-Air Guest now on TSC, for Diamonelle Jewellery. Have a great day! xo

  8. Where is Tonya Yanaky? Several,hosts and long times vendors like Howard Freund have just vanished without a word or at least without a word l have seen. I LOVED Tonya. Yes she COUKD be punny and goofy at times but there was never a Moore prepared host, full stop! I truly hope she is well and living her best life. I hope she sees this.m

    1. Chris says:

      I miss Tonya,Wendy and Susan……..Where are they…

  9. Marjory says:

    I also loved Susan…not fake or contrived…very natural. The problem I have is that there was no mention of her leaving, no announcement, nothing…makes us all wonder what happened. Couldn’t have been good! I wish you all the very best Susan.

  10. Joni Lochhead says:

    Please tell us what happened to Susan Yull, l miss her a lot along with great hosts like Richard, and Norm what are you all doing now. Any chance of coming back to TSC? It’s just not the same with out you all, miss you and have a great N.Y.

  11. I miss Susan,Tonya and Wendy.They were the best.Some hosts spend to much time talking about their personal life instead of letting the guest speak

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