The Clean Sweep: What are Clean Beauty Products?

Did you know clean products are dominating the beauty industry? As society tries to reduce its carbon footprint, a call for natural ingredients has been on the rise; no more do people want to spray chemicals in their environment to deal with daily grime! The classification is used to describe products that are safely made from environmentally sustainable ingredients. Companies that produce clean goods are looking at the bigger picture as well when it comes to packaging, and they have left the unnecessary embellishments at the door for a less wasteful approach. Often packaging is made from recycled materials or biodegradable substances, so you can feel good about not only minimizing your carbon footprint but your ecological one as well. An added benefit is that you can rest easy when thinking about what’s being absorbed into your skin.

If a product doesn’t have a clear symbol or wording defining it as clean, you can look at the ingredients to assess it for yourself. Clean products will often be free from parabens, silicones, sulfates and phthalates and any combination of about 30 other ingredients you can review on the Government of Canada’s product safety page. Each brand may put its own spin on the terms and images, but here are some common symbols you may want to look out for on packages:

Check out some of the clean products we carry, and pat yourself on the back for partaking in mindful self-pampering!

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