The Magic Behind Beekman 1802: Goat Milk

The first animals to arrive at the Beekman 1802 farm once repurchased by Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, goats have been a key driving force behind the success of this lifestyle brand. Goat milk, the not-so-secret ingredient behind some of their most popular products, is the latest craze to take the beauty industry by storm, but for good reason: its properties hold fantastic health benefits for skin. 

• With a high fat content, goat milk helps keep skin moisturized, especially in cold, dry weather, and may act as an excellent remedy for sensitive skin or those suffering from psoriasis and eczema 

• This effective hydration and moisturization of the skin is made possible through goat milk’s unique protein structure that allows its nutrients to be easily and quickly absorbed by skin

• Goat milk contains alpha-hydroxyl acids, including lactic acid, that help to remove dead cells from skin; because goat milk is more alkaline-forming than acid-forming (ie. cow’s milk), it helps to keep the body functioning at its best and therefore helps to create gentle, soothing products that won’t irritate your skin

• This lactic acid helps to create a stabilized pH level, meaning products formulated with goat milk won’t irritate your skin and can be very effective in treating blemishes

• Goat milk also contains vitamins A and B2 that help to repair skin tissue and rejuvenate the look of skin, and may help reduce the signs of aging

• Overall, products made with goat milk will deliver a smooth, creamy texture and feel silky soft when applied to skin

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