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The Super Bowl LIV Party Starter Pack!

Kick-off is just around the corner, and despite a few upsets, victory is still up for grabs as the San Francisco 49ers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs for glory in this year’s Super Bowl! No matter the reason you tune in—tradition or gathering with old friends and family—you’re sure to revel in the fight, the excitement, and the half time show. A winner will emerge on February 2nd, but the champion will be you when you settle into the game with TSC’s Super Bowl LIV Party Starter Pack!

The Playoff Beard

Since early January, many men have gotten this piece of the game down pat, not exclusive to football, but right on time is the playoff beard! No party is complete without the dedication you show your team by not shaving your face. Sorry ladies, this one is for the guys, but the team thanks you for putting up with your gentle man’s antics— a dedication within itself. However, check out some of TSC’s beard care options to make this feat a little more beard-able!

The Atmosphere

To set the party mood, decorations and sports paraphernalia are a must! To get your preferred seating set up sports themed chairs, surrounded by your favourite snacks for your very own deluxe VIP experience, may we suggest TSC’s sports themed Muskoka chairs?!  Extra leg, arm, and air space for you to watch the game in style and comfort— nothing but screen!

The Bits and Bites

Snacks for watching a football game. Super Bowl day party.

Now that we’re all comfortably seated—let’s talk snacks! Get your game on with bits and bites. Whether you’re bringing or hosting, TSC has you covered from cookware to decorative dishes to get your party appetite satisfied!

The Apparel

multiple colours, trims, numbers

Show your team pride by wearing their colours! Cheer, jeer and sneer your way through the day as you root, root, root for your home team in style—of course, it’s all in good fun as the team makes its way to victory! Take a look at TSC’s sports shop to find your team today!

The Lucky Charm

We all have one whether we want to admit or not! So, dust off those bobbleheads or that old football that’s been in the family for generation and put it front row centre for everyone to see. For a more personal touch to your party, try using your good-luck charms as a part of your décor or as a centrepiece for your bits and bites!

Be the victor of hosts on Superbowl Sunday, by grabbing some ideas from our Superbowl LIV Party Starter Pack! We hope you and yours enjoy a day of celebration and fun while watching your team play for a chance to hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy high and proud!

Take a look at TSC’s Sportsnet shop to find your team today!

Good luck and good party!

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