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Tips for A Cozy Valentine’s Day at Home


Don’t sleep in late. Wake up before noon and whip up a yummy special breakfast that’ll set the tone for the rest of the day. How do waffles sound? Use the Dash Mini Heart Waffle Maker to make classic waffles with a crisp exterior and fluffy softness inside. If you’d rather something fancier, try the recipe ideas included with your dash mini. Try mouth-watering cornbread or red velvet waffles. Don’t put the device away. You’ll want to use it after dinner to make chocolate chip cookie desserts.

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And if you want to ensure your kitchen feels the love, these Valentine Kitchen Towels are too cute to pass up.


Not that gifts are a must, but if you must, Aimee Kestenberg’s It’s a Love Thing Crossbody Bag is the kind of gift you’ll be enamoured with season-to-season.

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Pair it with the V’Enza Love Infinity Bracelet, and you’ll be remembered in your circle as the “passionate one who wears her heart on her wrist.”

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Comfortable clothing like Guillaume Home’s Men’s Micro Loungewear Hoodie offers plush micro mink fabric that feels luxurious against his skin. It’ll be a gift that captures his heart.

Or appeal to his practical side and let him listen to tunes on Volkano’s True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones while he works or works out.

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Get an energy boost while exfoliating. If you haven’t tried dry brushing, west-coast Canadian brand Midnight Paloma has you covered. You’ll be so invigorated you’ll resist the urge to fall asleep after dinner. The brand’s Body Bundle comes with a brush and Everything Balm that’ll leave your skin glowing and feeling supple.

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After dinner play a few rounds of Who’d You Rather The Game Of Tough Choices and decide who’s the champion of making touch choices in your household.


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Bring on the snacks. Skip the popcorn and go for decadence with Saxon’s Chocolate Berry Sweets Enrobed Pretzels.

Then, queue up your favourite movie and cozy up under blanket like Lady Sandra’s Sherbourne Throw.

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Reflect on a beautiful day spent together. We promise Cupid couldn’t have balanced, low-key relaxation with A-grade effort any better.

Check out these items and more Valentine’s Day Delights today.

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