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TSC-Tested: We Tried Benefit Cosmetics Mascaras!

This year, it’s all eyes on our eyes, thanks to face masks. Many of us at TSC have had to redefine our everyday beauty routines, but we’re determined to still bring the glamour and heat this summer through sizzling eye looks.

Since mascara is an important (and often final) step in polishing eye makeup, we gathered a few of our TSC beauty enthusiast staff with different lash types to try Benefit Cosmetics mascaras and share thoughts. We wore the mascaras everywhere—to the grocery store, on the patio, and even on work video calls! And, we paid close attention to the brand’s custom-engineered brushes, its latest magnetically charged formula, as well as the coveted pitch-black colour you may have heard the buzz about from a BADgal pal or two. We also didn’t use lash curlers or primers to ensure we reap the most of each mascara’s benefits!

Here are the items we tested, along with some info from the brand on what each formula does:

Now, check out our results to help you decide which eye-popping formulas to try!

As a busy mom of two, I wear mascara to take my kids to the park and extra-curricular events. My time’s limited, so mascara’s my makeup must-have. I usually take a natural yet glamourous approach to makeup, so playing up my lashes is vital.

Alicia’s Results:

Roller Lash Curling Mascara – This easy-to-apply formula provided my lashes with instant lift and curl. Still, as the evening wore on, the curl didn’t seem as dramatic as it was earlier in the day. But, I adored how quick it was to remove with just one swipe of a makeup wipe. That meant less time for the little ones to wait on me for bedtime cuddles—so I appreciated that!

They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara – With just two coats of this mascara, I achieved my desired length with a natural curl that lasted over 6 hours. I could’ve likely worn this mascara for many more hours, as it showed no signs of wearing down by bedtime. It took longer to remove entirely compared to some of the other formulas, but that’s a small trade-off for hours of wear.

They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara – This mascara was so lightweight I didn’t feel like I was wearing mascara. The formula gave my full lashes the least amount of curl among the products I tried, but it was a long-wearing formula which means. It took some extra care to remove entirely from my naturally voluminous lashes.

Alicia’s Favourite Formula:

BADgal Bang! Volumizing Mascara – This mascara glided effortlessly over my lashes! Thickness improved with just one coat. Even though the most obvious benefit was volume, this mascara also enhanced my natural curl. I got lash compliments (even from my hubby), which made me excited to continue using this mascara—especially since it’s easy to remove! This product also lasted for an entire workday without leaving my lashes feeling brittle.

Mascara is my makeup staple. I wear formulas that give me a natural look at the office. But, when an event calls for full glam, the more dramatic my lashes are, the better! I like to wear “half-glam” looks too, so I use various mascaras depending on the occasion. I often manipulate my lashes after one coat, as I like to comb them to remove clumps.

Pooja’s results:

Roller Lash Curling Mascara – I liked the smooth consistency of this formula for the application process. I achieved a lot of volume and a bit of lift with several coats— no clumping, even on tiny new growth hairs. However, I didn’t see dramatic changes in length. But I expected this from a formula geared towards curling. It was so easy to remove. I was finished my nightly skincare routine in less time!

They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara – This formula was thick enough to get away with one coat, but I opted for two coats to see how much length I can achieve. My lashes did go the distance, but I felt I needed more volume since my lashes are sparse. I had to put some more time into combing them for separation as I found the formula thicker on my lashes compared to the others. To remove the product required extra attention with a cotton pad and my eye makeup remover.

They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara – This mascara did a fantastic job lengthening my lashes from the root. It offered enough volume suitable for a “half-glam” day spent running errands. I loved the consistency of the formula—there was no tackiness despite good results. I achieved a slight curl and some length. It was easy to remove, with just a bit of extra attention required to remove residue at the lash root.

Pooja’s Favourite Formula:

BADgal Bang! Volumizing Mascara – This mascara applies effortlessly. Length results were instant, and each hair was plump. This formula was the most dramatic of the four, and it’s the one I’d often use for a dramatic look. I would likely use a lash curler in the future to ensure my lashes have a triple wow factor—curly, long, and voluminous, but more importantly, I liked how my lashes felt. They felt soft to the touch despite multiple coats. This formula also took more time to remove, but it was worth the dramatic results.

Full disclosure, I’m already a big Benefit fan. I’m a busy mom, so I prefer a quick routine when I go out. I love using the Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil and the Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil. I also always use black eyeliner to define my eyes then apply BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara to my lashes. I find it holds my curl all day and lengthens my lashes. To finish off, I like to add a tint of colour using the Benefit ChaCha or Gogo Lip & Cheek Stain for a bit of colour to my lips.

Catherine’s results:

Roller Lash Curling Mascara – I like that this mascara gave me some definition and curl that lasted all day. My lashes looked natural and groomed, which makes this mascara perfect for my daytime looks. It was also so easy to remove!

They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara – I was able to achieve a fanned-out lash effect with a noticeable change in length. When I applied this mascara in the morning, my lashes appeared lifted, but I lost a bit of the initial lift after two hours. Removal was a quick process! I would recommend this one to friends specifically seeking length.

They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara – I was most pleased with the amount of length my lashes gained. The lashes looked wispy, not clumpy, offering me the natural look I love. I fell in love with another formula, but I can think of few length-loving friends I’d recommend this one to as well.

Catherine’s Favourite Formula:

BADgal Bang! Volumizing Mascara – This formula applied smoothly, didn’t clump, and only needed one coat. I’m happy with the amount of volume and length I gained. I love the dark, black colour as it defined my lash line. I received many compliments, and some folks even thought that I had naturally long lashes!

As a former makeup artist, I’m used to manipulating my lashes (post-mascara application) with tools to help achieve my desired look. If I discover clumps I remove them with a synthetic fan brush, and I adore the Benefit Angled Brush & Spoolie for lash grooming. I use the brush’s spoolie side to coax stubborn lashes in place in-between coats. I have a rogue lash that marches to the beat of its follicle—growing at a different angle from the rest, so I need a mascara that also whips that hair into shape. In general, it’s often a daily struggle to accentuate my small almond eyes in a dramatic way that still looks natural.

Kay’s results:

They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara: – I loved this mascara’s glossy look that leaves me looking like I just jumped out of the pool. Each hair looked wispy and hydrated. I love that I can also hold the brush vertically to coat the tiny hairs at my inner corners since the staggered bristles are on all sides of the applicator. This mascara’s fabulous when used on the days I’m keepin’ it real with a “no-makeup, makeup” look. My lashes look more noticeable and well-groomed, but they’re not a focal point on my face—which I love!

BADgal Bang! Volumizing Mascara – Like flicking a paintbrush with black paint on a white canvas, this mascara applied like an explosion of colour on my lashes. It’s perhaps the darkest formula I’ve ever tried. The tapered brush head allowed me to wiggle the product easily on tiny new growth lashes. I expected to feel a weightiness to my lashes with so much volume, but I applied the formula quickly and easily. It’s more volume than I’m used to, hence why I fell in love with some other mascaras more. I can see myself using this mascara more so when I do dark, smoky eye looks since I’ll need to add more oomph to lashes for those looks.

Kay’s Favourite Formulas :

I couldn’t pick just one!
Roller Lash Curling Mascara – After reviewing the features of each mascara, I thought this would be my favourite one. However, for my upper lashes, I didn’t see significant changes after three coats. BUT! This mascara was a game-changer for my lower lashes! When I smile, and squint product from my lower lashes often transfers and smudges because I have incredibly oily skin. However, the curling properties of this mascara keep the lashes away from the skin. Each hair also gets to bask in its glory, looking super-defined, so I’ll keep this product in my beauty bag.


They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara – I was immediately attracted to this magnetic mascara snare—it’s true! I love the product’s “up and out” lengthening effect that made me envision my lashes as a telescopic pole. My mom commented that it looked like my natural lashes grew longer, fuller, and defined. But this long-wearing formula looked great even when my eyeshadows started creasing due to my oily eyelids. No mascara tidy-up was required along my lower lash lines or at the outer corner of my eyes. When my life returns to its usual busy schedule, this will be the mascara I reach for when I need to transition from my 7 am workdays straight into evening beauty events and parties.

My background in makeup isn’t as extensive as some of my fabulous counterparts, but I was the girl who’d grab that bubble gum pink drugstore blush and think I was stylish. Of course, I rocked it like a pro, but as I got…ahem…older and wiser, I knew I had to change my ways—because bumble gum pink wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Now, I like to focus on my eyes. I’m not a fan of the shape and size of my eyes, so mascara’s a beauty essential for me. I tend to look for mascaras that can get a good coat on these blonde beauties to lengthen and make my eyes look bigger.

They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara – The mascara has a thinner formula, but this leaves room to layer your applications to build a bit of volume. This mascara is perfect for a day look; it coats each lash individually and gives you a natural look that will have people asking, “are they real”? The brush was easy to use and the tip is designed to get those lashes at the bottom. If you’re that kind of girl, psst I am too! Overall I liked it and would definitely recommend it to friends who need a natural coat of mascara on their lashes!

BADgal Bang! Volumizing Mascara – If you’re looking for volume, you’ve come to the right place! The formula is similar to that of They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara, but the magic is in the brush. I was able to apply a few coats to get that boost and make my eyes pop. I really like how the brush was able to get at the base of my lashes and lift them to the sky. This mascara is a must-have for those who want to put a lot of emphasis on their eyes. The volume was fabulous and there was no clumping.

Brittany’s Favourite Formulas:

(I also couldn’t pick just one!)

Roller Lash Curling Mascara – I find it funny that there’s a consensus on favourites as The Roller Lash Curling Mascara was mine too! What won me over was the formula. I have and always will love it. The brush was an extra surprise that I didn’t think I would like but ultimately did. It has a curve in it that allows you to curl the lashes while adding volume. This mascara complements my style of cat eyeliner so well I may never go back to use another. On top of giving a good coat, you can get that bold and dramatic look for an evening event. I will be buying more when I run out for sure!


They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara – I really like this one too! They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara is precisely the right mascara for my natural looks. The brush spreads the lashes in a neat little row and gives you a hint of volume. It’s also perfectly designed to get those hard-to-reach places, and I loved how it coated my bottom lashes and added some tint while again, keeping everything very natural. The formula was also on the thicker side, so it won points with me there and I found that I could layer it for a little extra oomph. I fully plan to have this one in my arsenal of beauty products.

Final Thoughts:

Many of us TSC-Testers realized we were using the same mascaras from our teenage years without realizing our lash needs have changed. This testing process made us realize how important it is to reassess everything in our beauty bags every few years. A mascara for length may have worked 15 years ago, but after kids and years of daily wiping and cleansing, you may discover you now need a volumizing or curling formula. All you need is a few seconds in the mirror to assess your lashes. Think of what’s practical (what your lashes need now) and what’s possible (what you envision your ideal lashes to look like). Taking note of those two things will help you find the right product for you.

We’re firm believers in the broadcast business saying, “the show must go on.” So we’re here to encourage you to keep your beauty spark going, and we also want to tell you that anything that makes you feel more beautiful is an essential item if you deem it so! If that joyful thing happens to be a little tube of mascara, so be it! Define, amplify and curl up this summer to make memories on your terms.

Shop our full Benefit Cosmetics assortment to add some feel-good products to your beauty bag! At long lash, patio season is here, and you’ll be ready!

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