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We’re Taking Your Questions on All Things Intimately You!

The last time many of us had a full Q&A crash course on sexual wellness was probably in high school. Take a moment to think about how much you’ve grown since then. Our needs, bodies and tastes have changed so much. Many of us are not even with the same senior year partner, and some of us didn’t date until later in life. In the latter case, the lessons on intimacy without context may have gone over our heads. So much of what we’ve learned has been ingested based on what we see in movies, hear in our social circles or experience first-hand. But what about our needs and desires that have not been talked about or explored through those avenues? Well, our Intimately You team has created a safe space where you can anonymously ask the smouldering questions that are holding you back from taking your intimacy to new heights.

At each new stage of our lives it’s only natural for us to have new concerns and questions beyond the scope of sexual anatomy and the mechanics of sex. We expand our professional knowledge with online courses and seminars, so when it comes to the mind, body and spirit trifecta, shouldn’t we invest in learning more about ourselves? Have you been wondering about when’s the perfect time to talk about toys with your partner, pelvic floor fitness, agency over your body or any other topics? Our team is excited to provide judgement-free advice, wellness support and expert guidance to help you explore all things intimately you.

Our experts include:

Carol Fysh: our Intimately You show host, in the know on all our latest sensual products.

Donna Faro: a sexual wellness and beauty veteran currently working with the Swedish luxury intimate product brand Lelo.

Jessica O’Reilly: a sex and relationship expert and founder of Happier Couples Inc., which provides online support and retreat experiences for couples seeking to take their relationships from good to great.

Sigrun Sigurjonsdottir: a couples and sex therapist who often collaborates with other professionals such as naturopaths, pelvic floor fitness therapists and doctors. She is also the only sex therapist in Canada trained in the administration of hormones for sexual concerns, health and menopause.

Rebecca Rosenblat: one of Canada’s most renowned sex therapists, authors and advice columnists, with a strong focus on relationships, sexuality and healing.

You can anonymously submit your questions here, and check out our program guide for future shows where the team will answer frequently asked questions.

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