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Let’s Welcome Benefit Cosmetics

It’s hard to believe that Jean and Jane Ford, founders of Benefit Cosmetics, could have been known today as sandwich gurus instead of beauty icons. In 1976, the country gals turned big city models decided to flip a coin for their next big adventure. The options? Heads, they would open a deli; tails, a make-up shop. The rest is beauty history. The award-winning brand has now carved a niche for themselves built on fast and fabulous beauty and the belief that laughter is the best cosmetic.

While all of Benefit’s products have a cult following, the brand excels in eyebrow and beauty cosmetics. They have 2,453 brow bars globally providing over eight million services annually. In fact, brow grooming is such an important aspect of the brand’s beauty manifesto, one Benefit brow product is sold every second!

24-Hour Brow Setter & Precisely My Brow by BenefitGimme Brow+ They're Real!

A Blast To The Past

In 1977, a burlesque dancer asked Jean and Jane for a product that would improve the appearance of the darkest parts of the bust area under stage lights. The brand whipped up a formula to promote a rosy appearance and it instantly became a hit. Today, the product is known as benetint and it’s praised by celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Winona Ryder for its use as a lip and cheek stain that helps reveal a sexy flush. The dancer motif is also a recurring element throughout the artwork on the brand’s eye-catching packaging.

If you’re new to the brand, fair warning, some of its product names are racy with a sharp dose of wit. They’ll be the first to tell you they’re known for irreverent names! You may just find your chuckle turns into a belly laugh as you browse through the item descriptions such as They’re Real! Mascara and Hoola Matte Bronzer. We won’t spoil all the fun: check out Benefit Cosmetics for yourself!

Today, the daughters of the founding duo, Maggie and Annie, travel the world to deliver beauty know-how and laughter to Benefit Cosmetics gals.

Benefit Cosmetics Co-Founders

Let’s raise an eyebrow for a warm-tinted welcome for this hilarious and prestigious brand to the TSC family!

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