Yes! You Should Buy Health & Beauty Products on Auto Delivery? Here’s Why…

Life’s busy. You don’t need to spend more time making decisions. Sure, mom may have warned you against signing up for subscriptions because of her negative experiences with those pesky CD subscription services in the 1990’s. 10 CDs for 99 cents was definitely a bit shady. But, auto delivery subscription programs are nothing like that. Today, setting up a home delivery plan is a life hack. It’s a smart, safe and transparent process that can make your life easier. Here are a few benefits you can reap:

1. Skip the Trip to the Store

Beat the lines, avoid the crowds and keep the hand sanitizer in your purse. Setting up your auto delivery order is as quick and easy as purchasing any other item from the comfort of your home or on your cell phone via our TSC app.

2. Lock in Your Price

You won’t have to worry about price fluctuations. Sometimes a key ingredient can become scarce, and this along with many other factors can cause an increase in the retail price of some of your favourite products. But when you commit to an auto-delivery program, we commit to your price for the one or two-year term you signed up for. Better yet—if the price drops, we’ll adjust the price on your future shipments!

3. Never Run Out of Product!

We’ve all been there, getting ready in the bathroom and that last pump of cream emerges as a spatter the size of a pinhead. Whether it’s a bedtime beauty routine or a daily breakfast smoothie goal, your shipments will always arrive just when you’re likely to run out, based on regular usage. Subscribing to an auto delivery program helps you set yourself up to hit all your wellness and beauty goals.

4. Save Time during the Checkout Process

Think about how much time we spend annually on the purchase process for our everyday products. We can spend anywhere from five minutes to two hours at a time making decisions and checking out in-store or online. If you have your tried-and-true favourites, buying once on an auto delivery plan sets you up for a solid year or more of shipments that you don’t have to think about.

5. A Direct Connection to Our Buyers

Signing up for inventory helps our buyers better manage the product supply. Your choices tell our team about your favourite products so the buying team can work well in advance with suppliers to get your favourites to your door. Sometimes our buyers can even secure a wonderful TSC exclusive bonus on your first shipment!

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