You Glow, Girl! A GLAMGLOW Expert’s Skin Care Guide

Hello, GLAMGLOW! Our TSC buyers are so excited to bring you this brand’s award-winning masks and innovative skincare products. In 2010, GLAMGLOW emerged as a backstage-exclusive line at entertainment and music awards shows. Since then, the brand’s skincare secrets have been spreading over the last decade. Tell all your besties they can get a Hollywood glow at home!

We had an opportunity to chat with GLAMGLOW’S Field Executive, Erin Martyn. You can catch her as a recurring guest on our Hello Gorgeous show when she has new products to share with us. She’s a revered skincare expert, makeup enthusiast, and a busy mom based in Toronto, Ontario! She’s working from home, helping a 6-year-old with virtual learning while balancing a 10-month old on her hip.

GLAMGLOW drew Erin in because of its ability to make serious skincare fun. We asked her to give us the scoop on what makes GLAMGLOW such a crowd-pleaser. She says, “we deliver instantly gratifying results that you can see right before your eyes!”. That’s expected from a brand known as the “masking authority!”—a leader in the mask world.

Erin starts (and ends) each day by washing her face with GLAMGLOW Gentlebubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser—packed with green tea, vitamin E and oat amino acids that help to condition skin.  In the morning she follows up her cleansing ritual with GLAMGLOW GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer, a 3-in-1 that primes, moisturizes and gives her skin a soft highlighted glow.

Not sure which products to add to your shopping bag? Here are some popular products Erin recommends:


Erin says:

“This dual exfoliating mask treatment is for anyone who needs a boost of radiance. Exfoliation is crucial to healthy, glowing skin. Use this mask three days in a row at first, then anytime you need a brightening boost. Always make sure you’re cleansing and toning your skin before a mask treatment to make sure all the ingredients can penetrate the skin effectively. Follow with your favourite GLAMGLOW Moisturizer. Skip this product if you have sensitive skin.”


Erin says:

“Use as an all-over face moisturizer, cream highlighter on the higher points of your face or even on your legs and décolleté for a sun-kissed glow! It’s available in two shades.”


Erin says:

“My Super-secret weapon (and now you know). This concentrated exfoliating toner is packed with a blend of 6 acids to remove dead surface cells and purify your skin. It’s a pre-mask toner to ensure your masks are working the hardest for you. Once you remove those dead surface cells, your mask (and other skincare) will penetrate the skin more—which will give you better results.”


Erin says:

“This peel-off treatment mask will instantly lift, tone and firm your skin. Use it all over for a skin pick-me-up (literally) or as a shadow-shield while you’re doing your eye makeup. Gently peel away the mask from under your eyes, along with your shadow fall out and Voila! You have more lifted and toned under eyes.”

Mask, but not least!


Erin says:

“This mask has saved me on many occasions. Anyone who deals with acne or even the occasional blemish needs this mask. You can use it as a spot treatment, on your t-zone, or all over your face for a deep pore cleanse. This treatment mask will give you an instantly clearer complexion, clarify your pores and remove toxins and dirt from deep within the skin.”

If Erin can leave you with one takeaway, it’s this: masks are not just for special occasions. She says, “the addition of a mask to your regular skincare routine can help improve many concerns. Whether it’s acne, firmness, or texture (and everything else in between), GLAMGLOW has you covered.”

No matter how busy life gets—take care of yourself and have fun.  Shop our full GLAMGLOW assortment and leave us your reviews so our buyers can bring you more of the products you love!

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